Adhesive weight

Adhesive strip FE60 stick-on balance
FE60 adhesive weight flat/60 grams, with special coating. The new generation of economical adhesive weights. This balancing weight is the ideal tool for correcting imbalance. The adhesive weight has a protruding 2 mm protective film for easier handling. This means that the film can be easily removed even when wearing gloves. The weight is galvanised and has a flexible silver grey polymer coating. It met the requirements of the automotive industry according to DIN 50 021 SS and ASTMB 117-73 after a 480-hour salt spray test. The segmented construction means that the weight is easy to cut, as only the adhesive film has to be severed. The adhesive film is blue. The segments can be separated without tools.
Total height with adhesive tape 3.8 mm, total width 19 mm, segment weight 12.5 g, total weight 60 g, temperature range -40°C to +250°C
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