Assembly spray Fit & Finish

Assembly spray Fit & Finish
400 ml
This product has been developed in response to the introduction of new tyre technologies with run flat properties. These tyres are easier to mount with FIT & FINISH than with conventional mounting pastes.
FIT & FINISH is also ideal for mounting wide tyres thanks to its excellent creep capability and gliding ability. FIT & FINISH can be applied quickly and without problems or physical exertion in a single operation with the rotary movement of the assembly machine. No further tools required. FIT & FINISH easily penetrates the intermediate area between rim and tyre, and forms a closed, pressure-stable sliding film which is very important for disassembly. The sliding film is initially white (this serves as an visual indicator and clearly shows the area sprayed) and then becomes transparent. The bead area of tyres mounted with FIT & FINISH is maintained and, when used correctly, tyres are visually enhanced. FIT & FINISH can also be used as a universal mounting aid for all tyres.
(motorcycle, car, truck) If you too appreciate a professional and simple assembly for all wheels, then try FIT & FINISH now.
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