Manual stacker

Manual stacker
Technical data:
Drive: manual Lift frame height: 2080 mm
Fork width: 170 mm
Fork length: 1150 mm
Operation: by user on board
Load centre distance: 600 mm
Load distance: 800 mm
Wheel base: 1240 mm
Rear axle load: with load 901 kg / without load 81 kg
Front axle load: with load 309 kg / without load 129 kg
Jockey wheels front: nylon
Load rollers: nylon
Rear tyre size: Ø 80 mm / width 70 mm
Front jockey wheel tyre size: Ø 150 mm / width 40 mm
Track width: front 600 mm / rear 380 mm
Load capacity (kg):
Stroke (mm):
Total length (mm):
Total width (mm):
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